Spoil your beloved pets with dog bones

Chew bones are entertaining as well as healthy for pets. Bones and chew sticks from reputed dog food stores are known for their unique flavours and varied textures. Looking for dog bones that are sturdy, chewy, nutritious and healthy? Here is what you need to know more about bones for your pets.
#1 Healthy for the teeth Spoiling your beloved pets with bones is more than just a way to cut down on the boredom and make it a fun-filled day for them. Dog chew bones have a lot of benefits for canine oral hygiene as well. Dogs are carnivores, and they need to sharpen their teeth and maintain healthy gums by chewing on bones. Reputed manufacturers of dog food offer an extensive variety of different types of chew bones for your dog to accomplish just that.
#2 Great for Oral Health
Chew bones also scrape off plaque and tartar deposits off the teeth of dogs. This prevents gum as well as periodontal diseases. Dogs need to have clean teeth. Plaque may grow as a result of dog saliva and food bits trapped in the teeth. Essentially, plaque formation involves the building of a thin pellicle on the teeth surface. If plaque is not scraped off, it combines with minerals in saliva and results in tartar which cannot be removed without the intervention of a dentist. Hard textured chew bones remove tartar.
#3 Excellent for Warding off Gum Disease
Tossing your dog a chew bone is extremely beneficial because tartar build-up can be averted and consequently so can periodontal diseases, gingivitis and loss of teeth. Tartar accumulation can even result in painful gums and cause your pet distress. Help your pooch to lead a happy and healthy life today. Opt for pet treats which reduce acidity in your dog's mouth and provide a stimulating activity that engages the mind and keeps it busy for hours at an end.
#4 Prevent Misbehaviour
Dogs that get bored tend to develop behavioural issues such as chewing table ends, shoes. Reduce the emotional toll and stress that your dog feels by offering quality bones that serve to sharpen its cognitive skills, concentration and focus. Chew bones also prevent destructive misbehaviour on the part of your dog.
#5 Preventing Halitosis
Dog chew bones have a positive impact when it comes to freshening your dog's breath. Bad breath can often be the result of plaque or tartar build up or tooth decay or gum disease. The bone acts as an abrasive and prevents dental and gum issues thereby preventing your dog from developing bad breath.

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Happy treat for happy dog