Top 3 delicious dog treats to spoil your pooch!

Dog chew sticks, dental bones and dental diets make a big difference to your dog's teeth, breath and gums. It can also make a difference to a disease-free, healthy and happy life. Bingo Pet Treats offer a nutritious option that offers delicious flavours to bring the bacon home when it comes to excellent meals for your pet pooch.

3 Best Dog Treats

The variety of dog treats and diets available from Bingo Pet treats reduces plaque, tartar and improves breath freshness. Bingo Pet treats include rawhide chews made from hides of animals which are grass-fed. This can reduce plaque and tartar. These come in different sizes and shapes. Special formulations help to prevent bacteria, reduce plaque and discourage tartar formation.

#1 Bingo Buffalo Braided Bully Ring Dog Chew
Made from totally natural grass-fed buffalo, this chew treat contains zero preservatives or chemical additives. It is also low in fat and can be easily digested by dogs of different ages. Chewing also promotes good teeth and gum health. This pet treat is also a good source of protein for an energetic, active dog to have the highest levels of nutrition possible. Easily digested, this chew treat promotes dental health through chewing.

#2 Bingo Mega Buffalo Green Tripe and Pharynx Roll Up Dog Chew Treat
This delicious mega buffalo green tripe and pharynx roll up dog chew treat is not just delicious, it is also nutritious. Green tripe contains protein, enzymes, probiotic bacterial and essential fatty acids. This is 100 percent natural, free-range grass-fed buffalo with no chemicals, preservatives or odour. Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids promote excellent heart and skin health. Glucosamine in this dog chew treat improves the strength of the joints while chondroitin maintains water content and joint elasticity.

Naturally dehydrated, this dog chew treat ensures proteins, vitamins and minerals are enriching your dog's diet further. No added hormones, preservatives or antibiotics are positive features of opting for this dog treat. So not only do you get the perfect nutrition but a tasty, delicious and sought-after treat your pet pooch will love.

#3 Bingo Buffalo Paddywack Dog Chew Treat
Made from natural grass-fed buffalo, this dog chew scores when it comes to low-fat and zero preservatives or chemicals. This is easily digested by dogs of any age, and good dental and oral health ensures that your dog gets the energy, nutrition and taste which will contribute to its health and happiness. 100% natural, made from free-range grass-fed cattle, this easily digestible dog treat is one of the many award-winning products of the Bingo brand.

Bingo Pet Treats is unbeatable when it comes to variety. The treats are easily digestible, 100% natural and made with care so your pet does not face any difficulty or reluctance during snack time or meals. Get the perfect dog chew treat for your pet pooch today.
Happy treat for happy dog